What To Expect


Your first visit at Equilibrium is what we call an Initial Consultation. This visit lasts for approximately one hour and involves completing a health questionnaire, having a thorough consultation and examination including being assessed with our non-invasive neuro-spinal scanning technology.

The first 10-15 minutes are spent filling out a detailed history form which gives you the opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself, what has brought you to see us, any other current or past health challenges, along with identifying any physical or other stresses you may be experiencing. Remember to bring your reading glasses if you need them. If you prefer to fill this information out in the comfort of your own home, pop into the practice to pick it up, or call us and we can email or post you out a copy).

The remainder of the time is spent with the chiropractor who will go through your history with you, carry out a full assessment and let you know what is happening in your spine and body. In most instances, the initial examination involves a quick and painless computerised neuro-spinal scan which measures important aspects of your spinal muscle and nervous system function (to learn more about this technology click here). To perform the scan you will need to change into one of our specially designed comfortable t-shirts which give easy access to your spine. This is followed by postural evaluations and other tests to assess your ability to bend and move key joints of your skeletal system throughout their range of motion. Less often you may be referred for x-rays or further tests if indicated. Diagnostic imaging can help locate any bone abnormalities, fractures and reveal any spinal decay. During this initial consultation, the chiropractor will briefly explain what chiropractic care is, and how it might relate to your body and what sort of benefits you could expect. You may also receive your first adjustments or corrections during this visit, otherwise these will be made during your second visit when all test and scan results have been compiled. On completion of the visit, you will come back out to the reception area where the chiropractic assistant will make you an appointment for your report of findings visit.


Your second visit with us is what we call a Report of Findings. After we have studied your health history and correlated all our examination findings, we will make recommendations designed to help you get the greatest improvements in the shortest possible time. This visit typically takes 30 minutes.

Your chiropractor will give you a thorough explanation of the findings and go through your scans or other test results with you. You will receive an info pack including a summary of results from your initial consultation, specific recommendations for care including tips on how to improve your health and speed up your healing, and a print out of your scans if any. The chiropractor will discuss with you the options for care, explain our office procedures/policies and answer any questions. You will then have your first adjustment/s if you haven't already.

Following this visit, you can organise your specific schedule of ongoing care with the chiropractic assistant at reception.


Ongoing visits will be much shorter - but are just as, if not more important! Each visit builds on the ones before, improving the function of your spine and nervous system.