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Expand your health and wellness knowledge

We have a great lending library full of health related documentaries, books, proprioceptive training wobble boards and trial therapeutic pillows available for our clients. Items can be borrowed and enjoyed for 1-2 weeks at a time at no charge. The lending library can be found in the bookshelf in reception. We encourage you to take a look next time you're in getting an adjustment.
There is sure to be something there that you will discover and enjoy!.

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DVD's in our lending library include:

Hungry For Change - watch trailer
Food Matters watch trailer
Origins watch trailer
Forks Over Knives - watch trailer
Super Size Me - watch trailer 
Crazy Sexy Cancer - watch trailer
Doctored - watch trailer
How to achieve sustainable weight loss - Jason Shon Bennett 

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We have many great books in our lending library, some titles include:

The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm - Dr. James L. Chestnut
My 20 Golden Rules Jason Shon Bennett
Well Adjusted Babies - Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Creativity Philippe Petit

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Finding a comfortable pillow can be a nightmare. We understand that no two people are alike so we offer several solutions.

Our MediFlow pillow is a water filled cushion that molds and moves with you.

The specialised Complete Sleeper Pillow uses contoured memory foam with the ability to increase or decrease the height as required.

We are happy for you to trial our pillows for up to 10 days before you purchase to ensure they are right for you.*

*You must be a Equilibrium client in order to take these home to trial.