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At Equilibrium our passion is helping babies, children, and adults reach their optimum health potential through safe, natural health care and great lifestyle advice.

Latest Exhibition: Georgia Barber

Georgia Barber's Buddha

Art works by Georgia Barber:

'Vairocana' is the first in a series called 'Enlighten Me', a work in progress of what will be 8 Buddhas and Mandalas, each exploring the Noble Eightfold Path to enlightenment.

This first stage, known as 'Right View' or 'Right Understanding' is represented here by the purest image of the Buddha, where nothing is hidden. 'Vairocana' is known as the Buddha who is 'The Embodiment of Emptiness', who practices the 'Wisdom of Emptiness' and is said to dwell in a place called 'Always Tranquil Light'.

The 3 Mandalas in white, gold and silver are 'The Lotus Blossoms', accompany this 'Vairocana'. The lotus being number 1 within the 8 symbols of Buddhism & the Mandala being a symbol for the universe. The lotus also signifies the pristine purity that emerges from murky waters seeking the light.

If you would like to follow the progression of this work please search 'Georgia Barber - Art' page on Facebook.

Exciting New Health Risk Assessments!!

Looking to be the best you can be in 2015? If it could be easy and not stressful to introduce healthy effective habits into your lifestyle that could make a significant difference to your current health status, would you be interested?

The team at Equilibrium are super excited to now offer you, your family and friends a cutting edge, world first, comprehensive online Health Risk Assessment!

After completing this questionnaire, which covers all aspects of how we eat, move, think and socially interact, you will receive a thorough 12 page report scoring a variety of factors that are determining your current health status. -

It's probably an unlikely time of year to make big or small changes to the way we eat, move and think over these holiday weeks. However now is the time to think about new strategies and goals that will make our lives better in the New Year.

For more information about completing an HRA ring Doti or Andrea at 03 548-0082 or email the practice health@equilibriumchiropractic.com

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