This month's exhibition | 'cARTography' by Jacqui Jones

Exhibiting from the 4th September to the 4th of May.

My exhibition "cARTography" combines my love of art and maps, using maps both as the medium and inspiration for my art work.

The subject of my art draws from my life loves of travel, flying, fashion, nature, bees and my two young boys.

Every since I was a little girl, I've loved maps.  It started with the fascination of the illustrated map in the Wind in the Willows books and I always enjoyed drawing treasure maps and imaginary villages as as a child.  

As a teenager, this lead me to a BSc in Geography at Canterbury University and then becoming a Town Planner on graduating.


The Momentum Gallery @ Equilibrium is open for public viewing during usual practice hours (when not in use for other classes or events). If you're coming in specifically to look at the art, please call 03-5480082 to ensure the gallery will be available.

Please feel free to drop by, or contact us for more information.