This month's exhibition | What We Leave Behind by Simon Hunter

Exhibiting from the 9th January to the 9th of February.

About Simon & his 'What We Leave Behind' exhibition:

As someone who spends time in the wilderness areas of the Nelson region, increasingly I am discovering human markers and traces of presence existing in the form of rubbish. I perceive these objects as intruders, interrupting the surrounding beauty. Left alone, these small items remain in the landscape for an unknown length of time. I question how they arrived in the place they were found and Iā€™m intrigued by the underlying narrative these objects may provide.

Over a relatively short period of time, the amount of objects collected from my walks around the coastlines and mountain areas of the Nelson region to date, now fill a large box. A selection of six of these objects have been documented pictorially and the Global Positioning Satellite coordinates of exactly where the objects were found provided under the image.

Simon Hunter is an artist who lives and works in Nelson.

His current art practice is focuses primarily on drawing, screen printing and mixed media artworks.


The Momentum Gallery @ Equilibrium is open for public viewing during usual practice hours (when not in use for other classes or events). If you're coming in specifically to look at the art, please call 03-5480082 to ensure the gallery will be available.

Please feel free to drop by, or contact us for more information.