Meet Our New Chiropractic Assistant



We are thrilled to have Jeanie joining the team. Jeanie will be joining Doti & Andrea at the front desk greeting all of our wonderful clients, managing appointments and more. 

A word from Jeanie

I am very excited to be joining the amazing team at Equilibrium! I was born in Dunedin and have recently moved back to Nelson from Wellington.

Previous to working at Equilibrium I was managing two fitness facilities, before entering into management I worked as a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor teaching a variety of classes like Zumba, swiss ball, yoga and spin. One of the best parts of my job was to be able to hear people's stories and to watch them learn and grow

Education wise I have studied Business Management, Fitness & Nutrition. When I was younger I worked as a Photographer taking family portraits and wedding photographs throughout New Zealand. It was a great experience and I had the chance to meet so many lovely people and experienced different parts of our country that I would not haveotherwise visited.

My family have brought me back to this beautiful, sunny place. The things I like most about Nelson are the fresh air, friendly people, the pretty scenery especially the native bush and all of the wonderful fresh produce that Nelson has on offer.

In my free time, I enjoy working out at the gym, growing vegetables, yoga, dance, hiking, travel and spending time with friends and family. I have regular chiropractic treatment as part of my healthy lifestyle, it has reduced tension in parts of my body and has improved my range of movement

I look forward to meeting you all soon!